More Photo Clippings...and a Freebie!

>> Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi Everyone! Its Friday and tell me....did you receive the Scrappity-Doo-Dah newsletter today? If you did, you saw lots of releases from me. :-) Some are re-releases...with the new SDD logo...and there are some new ones too! And of course, they are all available here in my exclusive store at SDD!

And now for the NEW RELEASES! :-)

And if you haven't used photo masks before and would like to try them....try this one for free! I think you'll love using it soo much that you'll want more. LOL

To use a photo mask in Adobe Photoshop: Place a photo over your photo mask, make sure your photo is selected in the layers palette, and press Ctrl + G (Photoshop) to activate the clipping mask. You can also choose Layer > Create Clipping Mask or Layer > Group with Previous, depending on your version of Photoshop.

Download here!

Are you quick with details and noticed that there wasn't a Photo Clippings #3 above? It skipped right from #2 to #4. Well....there is a #3, but its a surprise and it'll soon be revealed. :-) Stay tuned...


Do you Speed Scrap? And Freebie Alerts!

>> Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi Everyone!
Have you ever participated in a Speed Scrap? You haven't??? I have to admit....neither have I. In fact, I don't even know what they are all about. want to join me this weekend at one at SDD?? You can read all about it here in the forum at SDD!

I hear its supposed to be an evening of fun, chatter and scrapping! There will be plenty of generous RAKs from fabulous SDD designers as well as one AMAZING participation prize from Victoria Feemster! If I don't convince you to go, you should go just for the wonderful prizes!!! And a kit from Victoria!

Here are some great freebies I came across while surfing the last few days. They look really fun!


Daily Download at SDD - Don't forget!

>> Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let you know of something going on at SDD for the remainder of January. SDD always has a daily download and if you get all the pieces, it makes up a great kit! Look at this great kit available now and its created by Vonnie's Digiworld and Victoria Feemster. These are two awesome designers, so don't miss this! :-) I've even given you a link. Bookmark it and check back daily. :-)

Daily Download at SDD

Also, another event that happens at SDD is the Birds of a Feather event. Every month, designers at SDD use the same color swatch and create element and paper packs. For three days, all of those are available for only $1! Wahoo! Today (Sunday) is the last day to take advantage of these great deals! Here is my contribution for January!

Birds of a Feather - January 2010!


Brand New Kit and a Challenge!

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

Check out my brand new kit in the store! Of course, if you get the Scrappity-doo-dah newsletter, then you've already seen it! :-)

Inspiration for this kit came from Jennifer Goldberger's artwork titled Rain. I used her art to create the current Color Challenge at SDD. You can check out the challenge here! You can earn 5o points by completing this challenge if you use the kit. Don't forget to use my grand opening coupon code to get 30% off. (scroll down to next post for the coupon code.......not to mention great freebies are below!)


I collabed with Faith True!!!!

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

Collaboration with Faith True!
I'm still kind of in disbelief! When SDD asked me to collab with Faith True....I sat there with my mouth hanging open. I blinked a couple of times and there it was.....still on my Yahoo IM screen! Have you seen Faith draw? Wowsa is all I can say. See....I can't draw at all. Seriously, my straight lines can't even be called straight lines. Doodles don't even look right and don't they call them doodles for a reason? Ok, enough about me. Back to my collab with Faith True!!!! And not only did I get to collab with her, she is the guest designer this month at SDD!!!! I'm soo excited!

Here it is - Sweet Love by Faith True Originals and KariQ Designs

DigiScrapSave - A Great Digi Resource!
Have you heard about DigiScrapSave? Its a great new resource for ALL obsessed, crazed digiscrappers (like you and me!). Here is what they have to say......
"Have you ever wanted to go to just one site and subscribe to just one newsletter to know of a bunch of fabulous coupons that you could be using to save the big bucks on your digi supplies? Well... you have come to the right place!"
January was their first release of the coupon book! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here!


Grand Opening, Big Sale, and of course A FREEBIE!

>> Sunday, January 3, 2010

WAIT!!! Before you scroll down, like the crazed, obsessed, digiscrapper you are (I know....I was there once! LOL), please please read my news. I promise to make it short! LOL

I'm sooo excited! January 1 has finally come and that means the opening of my store at Scrappity-doo-dah! I am no longer at Plain Digital Wrapper! Sad, but true. My designs can now be exclusively found at Scrappity-Doo-Dah (SDD)! And to celebrate my move, my whole store at SDD is on sale! WAHOO! :-) 30% off storewide!

I really feel like celebrating, so not only am I having a 30% storewide Grand Opening sale, I'm also giving you this paper pack freebie. I hope you enjoy!

(see, I told you I'd keep it short this time! LOL)

Download Here
(limited time only)


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