>> Monday, November 30, 2009

Just completed and it'll be in the store on Wednesday!
13 papers and 37 elements
Click on the image for more detail!
Coupon - 50% off for blog readers!
Coupon code available Tuesday night - get it here only, so don't forget to check back!


Forgot to Show You My Newest Release!

Soo, I'll bet I win the award for the most posts in one evening. LOL But I keep forgetting things to tell you about.....(is that what happens when you have three kids...forgetting all the time?!?) Here is Color My Autumn and it is available only here in my store at Plain Digital Wrapper:

Want just the yummy papers? Those are available separately, but you save $ if you get the whole kit. Enjoy this! And show me your layouts you complete with them - I'd love to see them!

And here is what my lovely CT did with Color Me Autumn - aren't they great?!?


December 2009 Blog Train

Wahoo! Its Blog Train time again! :-) There are 100 designers signed up for this blog train - how exciting! Wahoo! A HUGE HUGE collab is what you are going to end up with. :-) Don't know where to start? Read all about the Blog Train at the Blog Train Blog. LOL
Here is my part!

Next stop on the train is Kris Myers Designs!
Psssst! I'll bet that if you scroll down, a live link still remains for the last Blog Train in October!


Brand New Collaboration with Kris Myers Designs!

How could I possibly forget? I need to tell you about yet another collab I've completed with my partner in crime...er, I mean partner in design! :-) Check out My Dad & Me. The size of this collab is whopping! 22 papers and 61 elements.....and all are soo versatile and great for all kinds of layouts.

I can't even begin to tell you enough about this collab. I had such fun with the color palette. In fact, the more we designed, the more we wanted to keep going...LOL!

I think the images will speak for themselves though. You'll find it ONLY at Plain Digital Wrapper in our store full of our collaborations. And if you hurry, you'll receive the Alpha for FREE when you buy the whole collab kit!


Some fun CU!

I have this great friend and co-worker (my real job) who has a talent with his camera and with photoshop. Well, it just soo happens he is great with a scanner too. LOL Him and I have partnered up to offer some great CU stuff for designer use. And even better...we have a wonderful TOU for Commercial Use. Use it, no credit required...but always appreciated. Personal Use TOU must of course credit myself and Tim Workman. The buttons below come from his wife's great great grandmother. They've been passed down generation to generation!


I'm such a bad blogger! :-)

So...I think I finally have to admit how bad of a blogger I am. I used to blog all the time.....before my 3rd little girl was born. Now I spend every waking spare minute just staring at her trying to capture every single breath she takes before she gets older. I can't believe that today she is 11 months. Makes me sooo sad. I know its supposed to make me sad.....but this sad??? Geez...I seriously want to find Father Time and just beg, beg and plead, him to slow down time. I don't want her to grow up. I wonder if this is happening cause I know she is my last baby? Yes, three girls is enough. LOL

But enough about my bad blogging and sadness my baby is about to turn one year old......you're here to see what I've been working on, I'm sure. All the new releases that I haven't let you know about. My bad......


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