Blog Train #2 - Plain Digital Wrapper Blog Train!

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Plain Digital Wrapper is celebrating blog week! Lots of designers involved and there is a freebie on each blog below! I'm posting mine a little early and it doesn't officially start until tomorrow. If the designers don't have theirs up yet, check back!

Here are others involved in the PDW Blog Train:


Blog Train #1 - This one is a MEGA MEGA MEGA Blog Train!

Did you read my post about THE blog train? Well, guess what? There are two of them starting tomorrow. I'll tell you about the other in another post, but here is this one!

Want a WHOLE LOT more of this what will end up being a MEGA MEGA MEGA kit? Read here for more about this blog train!

Click Here to Download!
This link will be here for a limited time, so hurry!
Next Stop on the Blog Train after you download here is: Mistica Designs

Want to not miss another freebie or announcement about my designs? Sign up for my feed and get email updates. All new sign ups will receive a freebie worth $2.98! Limited time offer.


The Blog Train is Coming!!!

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you ready for the April Mega Blog Train? If you haven't heard of it, you got to CHECK IT OUT! No kidding! If you like freebies, and if you like MEGA kits, then you are gonna love this! I'm participating for the first time and I'm very excited! Don't want to miss it? Sign up for my feed (see side bar) cause you don't want to miss it! You'll be notified when it starts and when mine is posted! WAHOO!

Want more information on the April Mega Blog Train? Check this link out!

I hope you participate! I am. :-)


New Releases and 30% off!

Hi Everyone! Even though I've been MIA the last few days (see post below), I have a huge announcement! I finished my first "Collection" and I'm sooo excited about! As all of you know I had my third daughter on December 30. Yes, another girl. 3rd time was not a charm in our case. We really wanted a boy and it was the only reason I got pregnant a 3rd time. LOL But we now have a beautiful little girl again. Anyway, I decided to do a 3 Daughters collection. A kit for each girl - Kaia, Natalie, and Alyssa (the baby). I had been working on it a while....until I got sick of working on girl stuff. LOL So I took a break from it and went on a boy kick (hence, All Geared up and Dirt Never Hurt). But alas, I went back to 3 Daughters and it is now finished! Check it out!

And better yet? It is 30% off right now!!! You can buy it as a collection (getting all 3 kits for the price of 2!!!), or you can buy the kits separately. Not only that but each kit can be purchased as separate element and paper packs!


Undecided About Freebies.....and I'm 34!

There has been a very interesting and indepth discussion lately about freebies and how they are ruining the DS market. It has been interesting to read all the different points of views...from designers and customers alike. And wouldn't it just figure that it would come right at a time when I have all these freebies to give away. Now I'm undecided what to do. I'll be designing a lot this weekend and be thinking about it.

And guess what else everyone? I've been MIA the last few days cause guess what? I turned 34 yesterday! My family was sooo nice to me yesterday! I got free time, a cooked dinner, flowers, and more!


SALE will end on Tuesday night!

>> Friday, March 20, 2009

Just a reminder on my new release sale! All new releases will be put back to regular price on Tuesday night. Because you know what? I'm releasing a whole collection on Wednesday! But more on that later... Hurry and snag Dirt Never Hurt, All Geared Up, Love You, and Always & Forever while they are still on SALE! :-)

All kits available as both whole kits and separate element and paper packs! Wahoo!


What's with the blog change?!?

I know, I know...more change! :-) But the old blog just wasn't inspiring me anymore. I didn't post enough, the designs were old (and not mine!), and I just needed a change! Don't forget to update your bookmarks! Cause you know what? In my last post (on the old blog), I mentioned some freebies. And I got them ready to go! But...I thought I'd hold off a few days until people got adjusted to the new blog. LOL

I've got some great freebies planned! A whole paper pack, a 4" x 6" brag book, an add-on pack, and more!


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