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>> Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ooops, I almost forgot to also tell you that everything in my store that is on SALE, will be going on sale on May 1. This includes the 3 Daughter Collection, Spring Trees, and my ever popular (my best seller by far!) kit titled Laughter! Hurry and snatch them before they go to regular price! :-)

Need a link? Here ya go! - Kari's Store at Plain Digital Wrapper!


Only 5 More Days of Clearance.....and a Surprise Coming!

Hi Everyone!!! Wanted to warn that you there are only five more days to pick up lots of clearance items of mine prior to them going into the vault! On the right side, there are two slides that show you all that is on clearance to be discontinued. They are marked down cheap cheap cheap! :-) May 1, they'll no longer be available!

Surprise coming! Kris Myers, my sister and myself have teamed up once again to bring you an awesome collab! Kris and I have totally different styles but they work so well together and compliment each other. We are releasing on Wednesday! Wahoo! I'll post here and let you be the first to see it! I can't wait. We are really excited about it. I'll give you a hint.....think naughty, think nice, think black, think grunge, and well, we had to throw in a touch of pink too. LOL Oh, there is going to be a FREE WITH PURCHASE to coordinate! Don't miss out. See ya Wednesday!


Clearance Sale! Spring Cleaning! Being Discontinued!

>> Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hi Everyone! Guess what? It is time to do some serious spring cleaning! And that means a clearance sale! See that side bar on the right? There are two brand new images that show everything in the clearance sale! Just few things to remember...

1. Here is the link to the Clearance Section!
2. Everything here will be discontinued and no longer available for sale on May 1!
3. Here is the link to my store (cause the 3 Daughters Collection, Laughter, and Spring Trees are still 30% off!

Hurry! Check out the side bar right underneath the PDW blinkie. You hardly have to scroll down at all. LOL


Who is getting a coupon for $2.98?

>> Thursday, April 2, 2009

Did that title catch your eye? Who is getting a coupon for 2.98? WHO IS??? YOU!!! If you sign up for my feedblit email feed (see the sidebar on the right). Within 2 weeks of you signing up, I'll send you a coupon for $2.98 in your email!! WAHOO! This offer is only good to the end of April. I'll send out the coupons mid month and again at the end of the month! Sign up! What are you waiting for? This will be good for $2.98 worth of anything in my store at Plain Digital Wrapper!


New Releases and They are 30% Off!

Hi Everyone! So....its Wednesday! How did that happen? Seems like it was just the weekend...

This was supposed to be in the store yesterday but I'm just back to work and getting back into the routine of things. But it is there now and check it out - all of it 30% off. In addition, My whole 3 Daughters collection is still 30% off too! Wahoo! What a good deal for you!

Do you belong to the digital scrappers that are part of If you are, you are sure to receive a coupon to get this kit for free! If you aren't part of Cafemom - check it out! Its great fun!

Here are Spring Trees and Laughter!


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