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>> Friday, March 27, 2009

Hi Everyone! Even though I've been MIA the last few days (see post below), I have a huge announcement! I finished my first "Collection" and I'm sooo excited about! As all of you know I had my third daughter on December 30. Yes, another girl. 3rd time was not a charm in our case. We really wanted a boy and it was the only reason I got pregnant a 3rd time. LOL But we now have a beautiful little girl again. Anyway, I decided to do a 3 Daughters collection. A kit for each girl - Kaia, Natalie, and Alyssa (the baby). I had been working on it a while....until I got sick of working on girl stuff. LOL So I took a break from it and went on a boy kick (hence, All Geared up and Dirt Never Hurt). But alas, I went back to 3 Daughters and it is now finished! Check it out!

And better yet? It is 30% off right now!!! You can buy it as a collection (getting all 3 kits for the price of 2!!!), or you can buy the kits separately. Not only that but each kit can be purchased as separate element and paper packs!


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