Big news, recommendations, and a great freebie alert!

>> Monday, December 14, 2009

I have been sooo busy lately! What have I been doing you ask? LOL Cause you haven't seen me lately...huh? I know....bad me. But I'll be getting better cause I'm sinking my teeth into designing once again. Dedicating more time to it, more research, etc. And with that....I have big news!

I'm leaving Plain Digital Wrapper. Yes, that is huge news....because I've been there about almost two years now. Its been home for a while. But its time to say goodbye to PDW. Its been coming for a while and a great NEW opportunity dropped right into my lap, so I jumped on it! But shhhh...that part is a secret right now. Back to PDW.

Many many many things are going to retire into the vault forever when I leave PDW on the last day of this year. I was going to have a retirement sale...but for some reason I'm not able to access my store. :-( But I'm working on that. If I do have a sale, I'll let you know!

I've found some great sites lately! Wanna hear about them?
Ripal opened a new store called - and it is awesome! You want digiscrapping tutorials? This is the place! Its awesome! Ripal used to help admin over at DigiShopTalk, so I have every faith in that she knows what she's doing! Check it out by clicking here!

You all know my favorite glitter designer of all time is Flergs! Well, she not only has great glitter but she has the best New Moon kit out! Yes, I'm an avid Twilight Saga addict! Just call me a Twilight Mom! And oh by the way, I'm 100% Team Edward! LOL But check out Flergs new kits - One called DreamCatcher and the other is called Volterra.

Freebie Alert - Two Great Freebies that I just picked up!
Here are two great freebie alerts that I just snagged. I've been perusing Digital Crea for a long time now but just recently started really looking at their stuff. Do you they offer great freebies! They seem to come in is the one available now.

I've never used quickpages before. Nope, never. And what a shame too cause I had a great use for this holiday season because I had soo little time to do my own layouts for Christmas projects. I just picked up this one today! Image is linked or you can find it on Lori M's blog.

Have a great rest of your day! I'll be back very soon with more great news! Sorry....gotta keep it a secret for right now. LOL


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